Andreas Trenker
logo CONIFA conifa football


Design of the new logo for CONIFA – the confederation of independent football associations. A platform for association football teams which are not affiliated with FIFA.

poster lisfe leiden


Poster design and visual identity for the lecture series "Heimat: Gestern, Oggi, Duman" organized by the cultural association Diverkstatt.

poster lisfe leiden

Poster series LISFE

Visual Identity created for the Leiden Short Film Festival. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this wonderful film festival, I projected sequences of the previous nine festival winners on the face of the visitor. In collaboration with Laura Quarto.

poster lisfe
sandberg institite essay book design

Essay Book Issue 3

Essay Book "Issue 3" designed for the Sandberg Istitute, Design Department. Book design in collaboration with Samuli Saarinen and Sascha Krischock.

sandberg institite essay book design
craft beer poster innsbruck tribaun


Poster designed for the beer tap takeover event at Tribaun — a craft beer bar in Innsbruck (AT).

diverkstatt poster


Poster series for the lecture "Social Change and Innovation" organized by the cultural association Diverkstatt.

design workshop terra nullius
design workshop terra nullius

Terra Nullius

Terra Nullius is a design workshop organised by Asja Keeman and myself, which questions the notion of statehood and recognition. The workshop was organised to bring together the students from the Design Department Sandberg Institute and those from the KABK Non-linear Narrative. The workshop was hosted in the rooms of the Palestinian Mission to the Kingdom of the Netherlands in The Hague.

lisfe festival booklet

LISFE Booklet

Booklet designed for the Leiden Short Film Festival 2018. It contains the festival program and a set of articles.

lisfe leiden
Tzeva adom sderot israel

Tzeva Adom — Notes on the Gaza Strip Border

The exhibition „Tzeva Adom – Notes on the Gaza Strip border“ looks into the Middle East conflict and reflects on the conflict’s impact on living conditions in the border city Sderot and the nearby kibbutz Nir‘Am. The exhibition presents my research carried out in the area along the Gaza Strip border directly after the Gaza War in November 2012. It connects the many fragments of information one can find about the situation and communicates my contextual and geographical approach towards the topic. The exhibition is not aimed at explaining the conflict in its complexity but rather in critically examining the issues and questioning the normalisation of the status quo and the militarisation of Israeli society.

Tzeva Adom Sderot Israel
Tzeva Adom Sderot Israel
Tzeva Adom Sderot Israel